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Study in Australia

If you are looking to study in Australia from Nepal, we are here to help. We assist you in finding affordable colleges and courses. Australia’s vocational education through TAFES and private colleges offers excellent opportunities. We have an association with prestigious Australian universities to enroll you in top Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses with financial aid options like grants and scholarships.

Australia is known for its pleasant environment and ranks among the world’s best places to live. Explore vibrant cities with great job possibilities in Australia.

Highlights on why Australia the best study destination

  1. Australia today is in 3rd rank for attracting a large number of international students.
  2. With its high-quality education system and easy access to student support services, Australia now hosts around 700,000 international students.
  3. Australia provides 22000 courses across 1100 institutions best suited for the competitive job market.
  4. With over 2.5 million international alumni serving the globe and 15 Nobel laureates, the Australian government prioritizing education has invested around 300 million AUD for scholarship programs.
  5. Having seven of the best student cities in Australia, the country boasts 90% satisfaction from international student surveys regarding living and study experience.

All our counsellors are certified, well-trained professionals who look into students’ cases meticulously, ensuring a high level of success in university admission and visa for study in Australia.